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The East European Performing Arts Platform (EEPAP) works to develop the performing arts in Central and Eastern Europe. The platform initiates and supports the exchange of knowledge, information and experience among artists and specialists in theatre and dance who work in this region of Europe, as well as bringing together artists, curators and theoreticians from the region and around the world.

In 2016, as part of the EEPAP project, the Performative Centre began operating. This international laboratory features an innovative, original program, bringing together research and artistic operations in the context of contemporary theatre and dance. One of the basic missions of the Centre is to build and develop discourse around contemporary chorographic and performative practices. The Centre’s key assumption is that it will create a space where a free, lively dialogue is possible. The Centre offers participants time to develop their own artistic and research practices, creates the possibility for exchange of experiences and supports the development of reflection on contemporary performative practices.

EEPAP is addressed first and foremost to independent performing artists, curators, critics, theoreticians and individuals who lead theatre and dance centres and festivals from 18 states: Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Romania, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Georgia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Serbia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Macedonia, Romania and Croatia.

The project, initiated in 2011 by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute as part of the Polish Presidency of the Council of the European Union, has been carried out since 2012 in cooperation with the City of Lublin, and is based in the Cultural Centre in Lublin.

The EEPAP platform’s operations are carried out in cooperation with renowned partners from countries around the region and around the globe, such as the Institute for Contemporary Art in Yerevan, Azerbaijan State University of Arts and Culture, International Theater Festival MESS, Art and Theatre Institute in Prague, Bouillon Group, Nomad Dance Academy Macedonia, Institute of Applied Theatre Studies in Giessen, ColectivA, International Dance Festival BITEF, Bunker, Art Workshop Drabyna Association, Balkan Express, IETM International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts.

Thus far, numerous projects have been carried out as part of the platform, including the Desant summer school for curators; the Identity! Move international platform for theoretical and artistic research in the field of contemporary dance; the “Culture for development” programming line during the Eastern European Initiatives Congress in Lublin; as well as numerous artistic and curatorial residencies.

Key projects in 2017 will include the operations of the Performative Centre – a series of workshops with the most outstanding artists and curators, and the establishment of a publication, the development of collaboration with other networks operating in the area of performing arts, as well as the co-creation of the Regional Choreography Biennale in Bucharest.                                                                                                                          

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Marta Szymańska

EEPAP Coordinator

+48 81 466 61 18


  • 1nov'16
    Poster of RE//Dance Regional Choreography Biennale

    Sinarska at RE//Dance in Bucharest

    Mothers of Steel by Polish choreographer Agata Siniarska and Romanian artist Mădălina Dan will be presented at the RE//Dance Regional Choreography Biennale. More Dance

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