The exhibition The Films of Krzysztof Kieślowski in World Film Posters will be presented at the International Film Festival of India in the state of Goa and at the Polish film festival in New Delhi.
GPDNET, initiated by the Korea Foundation, is an association of medium-sized cultural institutions from around the world, which aims to facilitate cooperation between its members.
The Third Edition of the Poland Film Festival in Japan
The audience of the Poland Film Festival will have an opportunity to see more films by Polish artists, as well as a special programme presenting a retrospective of films by Wojciech Jerzy Has.
„15 Corners of the World” gained a special mention in Bratislava
A documentry "15 Corners of the Word", directed by Zuzanna Solakiewicz, gained a special mention at Internation Film Festival in Bratislava.
The Cine Polaco Contemporáneo travelling review of contemporary Polish cinema begun its tour of Spain on 13th November, 2014. Polish movies will be screened in 10 Spanish main cities.