Minister Bogdan Zdrojewski to receive Honorary Doctorate
AMI Director will take part in the official inauguration of the academic year of Wrocław Art Schools. MEP Bogdan Zdrojewski will receive an honorary doctorate from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław.
Culture.pl, in cooperation with the Polish Institute in Beijing, is organizing an extensive cultural program in Asia, with events including jazz, contemporary music, theater, visual arts, and film.
On September 14, a jury announced the results of an open call for artistic and research residences in Hucisko and at Cricoteka. Artsists Camilia Larson, Josh Schwebel and Benny Nemerofsky were chosen.
SALTWATER: A THEORY OF THOUGHT FORMS. The 14th. Istanbul Biennial is 2 months, 36 different exhibition spaces and over 80 artists from around the world - including Polish artist Ania Soliman.
During Ukraine’s Independence Day, 24th August 2015, Ukraine’s Minister of Culture, Vyacheslav Kyrylenko said that the I, CULTURE Orchestra’s concerts in Kiev were the highlights of the day.