Adam Mickiewicz

Adam MickiewiczAdam Mickiewicz:

A great romanticist and a man of action, the Institute’s patron understood well that ideas influence reality. Perhaps during his times, when Poland was absent from the map of Europe, it was easier to see the great importance of culture. After all, it was thanks to culture that the idea of Poland survived with no country or economy for 123 years. Culture was the main link uniting Poles in the fight for independence.

Today, Poland is an independent country that grows stronger and stronger. However, culture still evokes great emotions. The Institute’s motto: “Polish culture – seriously” is a reflection of how important culture is to us and how seriously we treat it. Poles’ high regard towards culture is Poland’s best showpiece abroad.

As we begin 2021, feeling the effects of the pandemic, we see even more clearly that culture is a unifying factor. This is exactly how culture was perceived by the Institute’s patron, Adam Mickiewicz, whose work, attitude, ideas, and creativity inspire the Institute’s activities.

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