Four Polish bands will perform during Reeperbahn Festival 2016: Buslav, Coals, JAAA! and MIN t. The Don`t Panic! We're from Poland showcase will take place at Häkken on September 22nd.
Minister Professor Piotr Gliński appointed Krzysztof Olendzki Director of AMI. The appointment was presented by Secretary of State at the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage Jarosław Sellin.
Iza Tarasewicz has been invited to the 32th edition of the Modern Art Biennale in São Paulo – one of the world’s most important visual art exhibitions.
Oskar Hansen: Open Form traces the evolution of Hansen’s theory of Open Form from its origin in his own architectural projects to its application in film, visual games, and other artistic practices.
The Polish Pavilion will showcase "Cadavre Exquis: An Anatomy of Utopia", a unique and imaginative concept conceived and curated by Maria Jeglińska and Klara Czerniewska, organised by Culture.pl.