Project Common Room started in March 2016. The next workshops will take place in August and September in Tiruvannamalai and New Delhi (India). More information on www.commonroom-project.com.
The Polish Pavilion will showcase "Cadavre Exquis: An Anatomy of Utopia", a unique and imaginative concept conceived and curated by Maria Jeglińska and Klara Czerniewska, organised by Culture.pl.
A new recording of great Polish composer’s works gets enthusiastic reviews and climbs to number three in British classical charts
A new interactive mini-site developed by Culture.pl allows users to discover Polish cinema — a legendary field with countless international successes.
The competition, focusing on the Baltic Sea countries, is open to anyone who lives in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland or Poland. Apply by September 4th, 2016.