Announcing's Brand-New Podcast: Stories From The Eastern West

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  • 19oct'17
    Illustration by: Marianna Sztyma, New Atelier Coffee Service, designed by: Marek Cecuła, 2013, produced by: Polskie Fabryki Porcelany Ćmielów i Chodzież S.A., photo: Adam Mickiewicz Institute

    The ABCs of Polish Design in Berlin

    It's not easy to show one hundred years of Polish design in just one hundred objects. Which ones were really the most important? The most intriguing? The Adam Mickiewicz Institute’s newest publication The ABCs of Polish Design features one hundred amazing Polish designs. The book will be featured during an exhibition in Berlin. More DESIGN & INNOVATION
  • 26oct'17
    Production of Human Trace porcelain tableware at the Ćmielów and Chodzież S.A. factories, photo: Arkadiusz Szwed

    People from the Porcelain Factory in the Czech Republic

    The creators of Human Trace tableware take a look at what happens at the factory behind the scenes: how delicate and beautiful pieces are manufactured and at the people who design them. This autumn, the People from the Porcelain Factory exhibition will be on display in Prague & Pilsen. More DESIGN & INNOVATION
  • 5oct'17
    Andrzej Żuławski on the set of  On the Silver Globe based on The Lunar Trilogy by Jerzy Żuławski, 1978, photo: Tomek Sikora / Forum

    Cinema in Ecstasy: Żuławski Film Retrospectives in São Paulo & Rio de Janeiro

    A retrospective of seven of Andrzej Żuławski's films, including Polish and French productions, is coming to two major Brazilian cities. The career-spanning selection will open with the director's first feature film, The Third Part of the Night, and close with his last work, Cosmos. More Film
  • Jan Domicz After Steelcase, photo: promotional materials

    Beyond the Desk at the Not Fair

    The Beyond the Desk exhibition will be presented during this year’s edition of the Not Fair. The exhibition looks at the phenomenon of office work, considers its past and future, as well as the aesthetics of office life. Not Fair aims to create a platform for exchange for the art world. More Photography & Visual Arts
  • 8sep'17
    Slavs and Tatars, Friendship of Nations: Polish Shi’ite Showbiz, a piece from their exhibition at the 10th Biennale in Sharjah, photo: courtesy of the artists

    Mouth to Mouth: Slavs & Tatars at CAC Vilnius

    The mysterious artistic collective Slavs and Tatars present their works from the past ten years at the Contemporary Art Centre in Vilnius. The Mouth to Mouth exhibition will include installations, videos and performances by the group, and will be their first such comprehensive solo exhibition in the Baltic region. More Photography & Visual Arts