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Exercising Modernity Academy is a project for intellectual and artistic exchange, focused on describing the Polish share in modern heritage.

Celebrations of the Year of Stanisław Lem reach the Korean city of Gwangju, where polish installation “Do You Feel Connected?” will be presented as part of the Gwangju Design Biennale. Its concept, prepared by the infuture.institute in collaboration with Marta Flisykowska, refers to Lem’s Summa Technologiae. The organizer of the project is the Adam Mickiewicz Institute (IAM).

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Artists and war – a combination that does not surprise anyone anymore. However, Anders' Army, founded 80 years ago, is still a unique phenomenon today. To mark the anniversary of the founding of this extraordinary formation, the Adam Mickiewicz Institute invites you on a multimedia journey: Artists in Arms (www.artistsinarms.pl). This is the story of artists and people of culture, and their war-torn route from detention in Buzuluk in Russia to fighting in Monte Cassino in Italy, and further – to Paris, London, Rome.

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This year, the Polish Pavilion at the London Design Biennale presents ‘The Clothed Home: Tuning In To The Seasonal Imagination’ exhibition. Rooted in bygone Polish textile traditions and domestic rituals, the exhibition seeks to re-establish and cultivate a more attentive relationship with the natural world and its continuous changes. In the pre-electric era, before the accessibility of central heating and air-conditioning made residents inured to outdoor conditions, homes functioned as resonators helping them feel the cyclical rhythm of the year.

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In September 1974, the American science-fiction writer Philip K. Dick, wrote a letter to the FBI, claiming there was a communist conspiracy disguised as science-fiction literature. This conspiracy was orchestrated by a communist committee, which—according to Philip K. Dick—operated under the name of "Stanisław Lem."

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The exhibition features Polish designers working in synch with the Zeitgeist, crafting their products locally, drawing on tradition and crafts.This year, the Adam Mickiewicz Institute returns to Dutch Design Week, online edition, with a new edition of Let’s Exhibit! devoted to Polish design. Curated by Paulina Matusiak, the exhibition features Polish designers working in synch with the Zeitgeist, crafting their products locally, responsibly, drawing on traditional culture and crafts.

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Nago, Orska, Pat Guzik, Surplus, Szymanska and Wearso.organic during the Neonyt Fair at Berlin Fashion Week

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