Polish Games Day exhibition as part of the International Games Week: Berlin

Polish Games Day takes place in Berlin on the 10th of April, 2014 as part of the International Games Week: Berlin edition. The presentation of Polish games at the Computer Game Museum will be the Day’s major attraction.

We cordially invite all game designers from Poland to take part in the exhibition. Deadline for applications is March 10th, 2014.

Culture.pl is a strategic partner of the project.

The exhibition aims at showing the public the evolution of the largely varied Polish game scene. From games created by small independent studios through to those already known on the international market, from action games, through RPG and educational games, we wish to present the widest possible scope of these products. All design studios from across Poland are invited to take part in the selection process.

The project is interactive in its character, and audiences who visit the display should be able to try out the presented products. The games should be made available through at least one of the following devices: a console, personal computer, smart phone, tablet or other mobile device.

As organisers of the event, we encourage designers to show us their ideas and send in fragments of their works. Although the interactive feature is our priority, in some cases it can be substituted by interesting visuals or other assets. We ask for the submitted fragments to be in English. It is necessary in order to attract the largest possible number of viewers to the exhibition, including families with children. We also respect the German criteria of youth protection, as the display addresses a large audience, including under-age viewers. The submission of a limited number of non-certified projects is also possible.

International Games Week, which runs from the 8th through to the 14th of April, is a development of the popular Deutsche Gamestage. Games Week is a leading event in its field and a platform of communication for all engaged in the industry. The five days are filled with events dedicated to professionals as well as game users. The Gamesfest is a central event of the International Games Week, and from the 10th of April it’s also a celebration of Polish video games. The exhibition at the Museum of Computer Games will run for a month after the opening.

Please submit your proposals through to the 10th of March, 2014, to the following addresses:

Andreas Lange: [email protected]

Mikołaj Tarnowski: [email protected]