POLSKA 100 Programme structure

Music of Freedom (classical music)

  • From Paderewski to the Avant-garde
  • Polish Radio Experimental Studio link opens page in new window
  • Heroines of Sound
  • Map of Polish Composers

Polish Jazz (contemporary music)

  • Polish jazz will be featured during the Jazzahead! trade fair and at key jazz festivals worldwide
  • Network of Polish Jazz Festivals – International Jazz Exchange

New reality builders (visual arts)

  • The Avant-Garde: From the Interwar Period to Modern Day
  • Polish Photography: Between an Experiment and Documentarian Tendencies
  • Contemporary Art : A Dialogue
  • Polish Art at the Turn of the 20th Century: In Search of a National Style

Last Century in Polish Design: An Overview (design)

  • History of Polish Design
  • Design in the Context of Central and Eastern Europe

A Brand New Vision of Theatre (theatre)

  • Towards a New Theatre
  • Romantic Legacy in the Context of the Great Reform
  • Choreographic Territories: New Paths for the Avant-garde
  • The Heart of a Factory
  • Translation and Cultural Transcription of Polish Avant-garde Art
  • Showcase of Central European Theatres
  • The New Generation’s Response to the Masters
  • Can Paderewski be the Hero of a Musical? (a musical about the composer)


  • Icons of the Interwar Period: A Series of Animated Films
  • Sounds Polish
  • Jack Strong (a full-length feature film, a joint production with Paramount Pictures)
  • Masters of Polish Cinema

New Technologies

  • N18 Guide on Culture.pl: Where is Poland? A Foreigner’s Guide to Polish Culture under the Partitions
  • Poles in the World’s Culture
  • Roderick Coover, Webdoc
  • VR apps