Asia Programme

The goal of the Asia Programme is to broaden knowledge and strengthen interest in contemporary Polish culture in the Asian region. The project is being carried out through a continuous presence of Polish artists at key festivals and in the most important cultural institutions of China, South Korea, Japan, India and Vietnam. As part of the Programme, the Institute also directly supports Polish artists’ collaboration with artists and creative circles in the region.

The Asia Programme works with numerous partners, including the Forbidden City Concert Hall, Beijing Concert Hall, Beijing People's Art Theatre and Wuzhen International Theatre Festival (China); Korea Arts Management Services, Seoul Arts Center, LG Arts Center, Seoul Performing Arts Festival, Busan Film Festival, Korea Foundation (South Korea); Festival/Tokyo, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Metropolitan Museum of Photography in Tokyo (Japan); HK International Film Festival, HK Arts Festival (Hong Kong); Pune Biennale Foundation, Khoj International Artists Association, Group Kasba Arghya (India).

Numerous projects have been carried out in recent years, including the cultural aspects of Poland’s presence at EXPO 2010 in Shanghai, the Cultural Programme of the Polish EU Presidency in Beijing and Tokyo (2011), Polish Focus in the Republic of Korea (2012), the Polish cultural season in China (2015) and a theatre focus in China (2016). Broad presentations of Polish groups are continuously staged at jazz festivals, as are Polish focus events at film festivals, numerous theatre presentations and exhibitions of early and contemporary art in China, South Korea, Japan and India.

In 2017 as part of the Asia Programme there will be further classical music and jazz concerts in China, presentations of Polish visual artists in Japan, artistic co-productions in India and projects targeting young culture audiences in South Korea. A new direction of operations for the Asia Programme is Vietnam, where in 2017 the first concerts, master classes and lectures on Polish art will be held.

For several years, the Asia Programme has been operating the website in Asian languages and individual profiles on social media in South Korea, China and Japan.

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Karol Templewicz

Asia Programme Manager

PHONE: + 48 22 44 76 105


  • 03Aug'18 - 05Aug'18

    Polish Video Games Return to China

    Polish game developers will for the second time present their productions at the largest industry event in China: China Digital Entertainment Expo and Conference (ChinaJoy) held in Shanghai. Between 3rd and 5th August 2018, ChinaJoy will host some of the most interesting indie game development studios from Poland. More #digital culture
  • 19Apr'18 - 21Apr'18
    Michał Gondko, fot. Dirk Letsch

    La Morra to Perform at Early Music Season in China

    Early music from Poland will be featured at the Early Music Season in China for the fourth year in a row. This time, the event will host the ensemble La Morra. More #asia
  • 03Mar'18 - 18Mar'18
    Anna Maria Jopek z zepołem Kroke, fot. Dominik Musiałek

    Encounters with Polish Culture at Festivals in Hong Kong

    The events held in March 2018 as part of the Hong Kong Arts Festival and the Hong Kong International Film Festival provided Hong Kong residents with a unique opportunity to encounter with Polish literature, jazz and classical music as well as animation. The artists performing in Hong Kong included: Maciej Fortuna, Kroke, Anna Maria Jopek and Mariusz Wilczyński. More #asia
  • 13Feb'18 - 18Feb'18
    Scena ze spektaklu

    TR Warszawa’s Productions Presented at TPAM2018 in Yokohama

    From 10th to 18th February 2018, Yokohama will host TPAM2018 – Performing Arts Meeting. The event will feature three productions of TR Warszawa, one of the most important theatres in Poland, directed by Grzegorz Jarzyna. More #asia
  • 28Dec'17 - 08Jan'18
    Orkiestra Symfoniczna Filharmonii Podkarpackiej, fot. z archiwum Filharmonii Podkarpackiej

    Rzeszów Philharmonic Orchestra Toured China

    The Symphony Orchestra of Artur Malawski Philharmonic in Rzeszów performed in China for the first time. The tour covered six cities in which the ensemble gave a total of nine concerts. More #asia

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