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Since 2008 the Asia programme has been promoting Polish culture in China, Japan and Korea, supporting the presence of Polish artists at key cultural events and their collaborations with institutions and creative circles in these countries. It also promotes an understanding of Poland through printed publications, articles available on the portal in Chinese, Japanese and Korean, as well as social media channels for users from Korea, China and Japan.

Between 2015 and 2018 the Asia Programme also co-organised over 20 events in India and starting from 2018, it has been supporting projects by Polish artists in Vietnam.

Overall between 2010 and 2019 the Asia Programme supported 1095 Polish cultural events, attended by 3 221 024 viewers.

Among our partners in China and Hong Kong are the China Shanghai International Arts Festival, Hong Kong Arts Festival, Shanghai International Film Festival, Hongkong International Film Festival, National Museum of China, National Art Museum of China, Beijing People’s Art Theatre, Wuzhen International Theatre Festival, National Centre for the Performing Arts, Forbidden City Concert Hall and Nine Gates International Jazz Festival.

In Japan we collaborate with Japan Arts, Festival/Tokyo, Knowledge Capital, Kyoto Art Center, Kyotographie, Mermaid Films, Mori Art Museum, Museum of Modern Art Tokyo, the National Museum of Art Osaka, Tokyo Jazz Festival, TOP Museum and many others.

In Korea our partners include the National Museum of Korea, Gwangju Biennale Foundation, Korea Foundation, Korea Arts Managment Service, Seoul International Music Festival, Busan Film Festival, Seoul Performing Arts Festival, Seoul Arts Center, Jarasum Jazz Festival and LG Arts Center

Key events in China:

  • Biggest ever exhibitions of Polish classical art and Polish modern art in China, as part of the Polish cultural season (2015)
  • Theatre focus: 7 Polish plays watched by 19 000 viewers(2016)
  • Over 50 concerts by Polish jazzmen, as part of the China and Central and Eastern European Countries cultural season (2017)
  • The Symphony Orchestra of the National Philharmonic tour in China with the pianist Li Yundi
  • Polish artists’ projects at key art festivals in Hong Kong (performance, animation, jazz, music of light) and Shanghai (classical music, dance), as part of the celebrations of 100 years of Polish independence (2018)

Key events in Japan:

Key events in Korea:

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    Polish Film Festival Returns to Korea’s Capital

    From 2nd to 13th December, Seoul will host the second edition of the Polish Film Festival. The event, organised by Cinematheque Seoul Art Cinema in collaboration with the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Seoul and the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, will allow Korean viewers to watch as many as 14 Polish films. More: Polish Film Festival Returns to Korea’s Capital #asia
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    9th Poland Film Festival in Japan Featuring Kieślowski’s ‘The Decalogue’

    From 20th to 26th November 2020, the Japanese audience will have the opportunity to enjoy the greatest achievements of Polish cinema presented at the 9th Poland Film Festival. Despite the limited form and shorter than usual duration of the festival due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event boasts a programme rich in various forms and genres aimed at a wide audience. More: 9th Poland Film Festival in Japan Featuring Kieślowski’s ‘The Decalogue’ #asia
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    'Initiation' by Polish Dance Theatre to Be Shown at Beijing Fringe Festival

    From 2nd to 15th November 2020, Chinese viewers will have a chance to watch the Polish Dance Theatre's performance 'Initiation' shown as part of the special online programme of the Beijing Fringe Festival. The coronavirus pandemic prompted the organisers to search for an alternative form of presenting foreign performances at this year's thirteenth edition of the Festival - as a result, they will be available on Chinese online video platform Youku. More: 'Initiation' by Polish Dance Theatre to Be Shown at Beijing Fringe Festival #asia
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    Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Fine Arts Academy in Katowice and the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art invite artists and cultural practitioners to a cycle of online seminars about the potential of artists’ residencies, especially in a world where many aspects of our lives and human interactions have become increasingly complicated. More: COMMUNITY/CARE/LABORATORY: Online Seminar #asia
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    Atom String Quartet to Play in China

    This December a well-known Polish jazz band Atom String Quartet will perform in China as part of the activities of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute’s Asia Programme. The musicians will give concerts on 12th December at the Forbidden City Concert Hall in Beijing and on 13th December at the Qintai Concert Hall in Wuhan. More: Atom String Quartet to Play in China #asia
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