Digital culture

The Digital Cultures programme introduces the international audience to Polish artists whose work combines digital technology and fine arts.

The key project of Digital Cultures is an annual conference held since 2017. During the year, Digital Cultures supports the participation of Polish artists in international exhibitions, festivals and residencies. Digital Cultures also supports digital productions and co-productions including the APPARATUM exhibition of the PanGenerator collective inspired by the Polish Radio Experimental Studio, as well as VR projects inspired by Tadeusz Kantor’s theatre: a VR simulation by the duo Tale of Tales and a stop motion movie by the Academy Award nominees Maciek Szczerbowski and Chris Lavis, co-produced by the award-winning studio Felix&Pail and the National Film Board of Canada.

Anna Szylar

Digital Culture Programme Manager

PHONE: +48 22 44 76 123


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    3 Creepy Accounts from Book on the Origins of Vampires

    A new book about the Polish undead called ‘With Stake and Spade’ is bringing previously little-known ethnological records to 21st-century readers. Here are three unnerving tales from the book to get your spine tingling. More: 3 Creepy Accounts from Book on the Origins of Vampires #language & literature
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    Imagined Futures: Digital Cultures 2020

    Since its first edition in 2017, Digital Cultures has grown into an acclaimed platform bringing together digital art creators and curators from around the globe. This year’s edition, Imagined Futures, which begins 17th October 2020, opens up to a wider audience by venturing, together with the participants, into new territory: an online festival. More: Imagined Futures: Digital Cultures 2020 #digital culture
Published at: 2016.10.14 18:41
Updated at: 2019.06.14 15:49
Author: Karolina Babij
Written by: Karolina Babij