Lusitania Programme

In 2016, the Adam Mickiewicz Institute carried out a programme of presenting Polish culture in Brazil, which had begun already in late 2015 with an award-winning exhibition in Brazil titled Tadeusz Kantor Machine: Theater + happenings + performances + painting + other modes of production. For the entire year, Polish theatre, film, visual arts, architecture, the descendants of Polish emigrants and even confectionary traditions that are connected to Poland helped satisfy Brazilian audiences’ interest in Polish culture – which turned out to be significant. In 2017, collaboration with our Brazilian partners will continue. Projects initiated in recent years will be carried out in the areas of classical music, design, film and theatre, as well as residencies and study visits.

Encouraged by the outstanding reception in Brazil, the Adam Mickiewicz Institute has decided to broaden its activities in 2017-2018 to include other Portuguese-speaking countries, establishing the Lusitania Programme for this purpose.

The name Lusitania comes from that of a Hispano-Celtic tribe, the Lusitani, the most valiant of the groups inhabiting the Iberian Peninsula, which after years of resistance was conquered by the Romans in 139 BCE. The name Lusitania is still used today as a figurative or poetic designation for Portugal. The prefix luso- indicates a relationship to Portugal and its language – thus lusophone countries are those that speak Portuguese. The Lusitania Programme carries out projects in the area of visual arts, theatre, dance, film, architecture and new media in Brazil, Portugal and other lusophone countries that are brought together in the CPLP, the Community of Portuguese Language Countries, first and foremost in Angola. The CPLP brings together countries with a total population of more than 270 million; the Portuguese language is the third most used European language around the world, and the seventh out of all languages. The lusophone world possesses great cultural potential and human capital.

The purpose of the Lusitania Programme is to develop cultural interchange between Poland and the lusosphere; to develop close, long-term relationships between Polish and lusophone artists by executing joint projects arising from our mutual inspirations, and also to support collaboration between cultural institutions in Poland and the countries of the CPLP.


  • 19Sep'17 - 31Oct'17
    Eye on Poland, photo: promo materials

    Eye on Poland's New Graphic Design Comes to São Paulo

    Poland's remarkable history in graphic design shows no sign of abating in the 21st century. Having delighted design lovers across Asia, the travelling exhibition Eye on Poland has crossed the Pacific Ocean to São Paulo, where it will showcase the best in contemporary poster art from 19th September to 31st October 2017. More #photography & visual arts
  • 22Jul'17 - 23Jul'17
    The State Youth Orchestra of São Paulo, 2017, photo: Heloisa Bortz/Santa Marcelina Cultura

    Polish Sacral Music in São Paulo

    The Guri Youth Choir conducted by Agnieszka Franków-Żelazny will perform in São Paulo on 22nd and 23rd July 2017. Their repertoire will include pieces by renowned Polish composers Stanisław Moniuszko and Romuald Twardowski. More #music

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