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Since its founding, the Adam Mickiewicz Institute has implemented projects aimed at presenting Polish design in the international arena. Since 2012, a broad presentation of Polish design has been one of the main operational priorities of the Institute. Design serves as a platform for presenting contemporary Polish culture and the promotion of Polish creativity and innovativeness. To build and strengthen the renown of Polish design in the international sphere, the Polska Design Programme continuously works with leading Polish designers and curators, and organises exhibitions of Polish design at the sector’s most important international events. In 2014 the Institute also ran the Let’s Exhibit programme, which supports young Polish designers so that they can present their work at fairs and festivals around the world. Thanks to this project, the Institute has made it possible for young designers on the threshold of their careers to begin working on an international scale.

The key to the success of the Polska Design Programme is working with partners, such as Ventura Lambrate, London Design Festival, Maison&Objet, Inno Design Tech Expo, Istanbul Design Biennial, International Furniture Fair Singapore, WantedDesign, Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair, Dutch Design Week, La Triennale di Milano and the London Design Biennale.

In past years, numerous projects in the area of design have been implemented, including the exhibition Polish Job during Milan Design Week; a broad exhibition of Polish graphic design, Inside Out, during WantedDesign; the Polska In Between exhibition during the 2nd Istanbul Design Biennial; and the Art Food and Obserwatorium workshops for designers. Since 2011 the Institute has published a series of books on Polish design, including Out of the Ordinary (2011), Polish Design Uncut (2013) and the award-winning VeryGraphic: Polish Designers of the 20th Century (2015).

Starting in 2017 the Polska Design Programme will develop projects in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe; its presence will be strengthened in the countries of the Baltic Sea region (including collaboration between Polish and Swedish designers), Brazil (including a continuation of the exhibition Design Dialogue: Poland – Brasil) and Asia (including presentation of Polish design in the Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul). Additionally, the presentation of Polish designers will continue at the most important international fair and festival events, such as the London Design Festival and Dutch Design Week.

Alongside the projects aimed at presenting the accomplishments of contemporary Polish designers, initiatives connected with the Independent Programme will be developed, showcasing the history of Polish design.

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Maria Ostrowska

(acting) Polska Design Programme manager

phone: +48 22 44 76 184


  • 25apr'18
    Book Worms: Insects in Polish Illustration for Children, photo: AMI

    Book Worms: Polish Insects Go To Abu Dhabi

    Poland will be the honorary guest at the 27th Abu Dhabi International Book Fair. This year’s attendees will have the opportunity to see a unique exhibition for kids – Book Worms: Insects in Polish Illustration for Children. More DESIGN & INNOVATION
  • 17apr'18
    Back To Front: Polish Exhibitions on Show, photo: press materials

    Back To Front: Polish Exhibitions At Triennale Di Milano

    Back to Front is an exhibition about exhibitions: a tribute to the architecture of Polish exhibitions from the 1950s and 1960s – a forgotten yet fascinating moment in the history of exhibition design. More DESIGN & INNOVATION
  • 19oct'17
    Illustration by: Marianna Sztyma, New Atelier Coffee Service, designed by: Marek Cecuła, 2013, produced by: Polskie Fabryki Porcelany Ćmielów i Chodzież S.A., photo: Adam Mickiewicz Institute

    The ABCs of Polish Design in Berlin

    It's not easy to show one hundred years of Polish design in just one hundred objects. Which ones were really the most important? The most intriguing? The Adam Mickiewicz Institute’s newest publication The ABCs of Polish Design features one hundred amazing Polish designs. The book will be featured during an exhibition in Berlin. More DESIGN & INNOVATION
  • 26oct'17
    Production of Human Trace porcelain tableware at the Ćmielów and Chodzież S.A. factories, photo: Arkadiusz Szwed

    People from the Porcelain Factory in the Czech Republic

    The creators of Human Trace tableware take a look at what happens at the factory behind the scenes: how delicate and beautiful pieces are manufactured and at the people who design them. This autumn, the People from the Porcelain Factory exhibition will be on display in Prague & Pilsen. More DESIGN & INNOVATION
  • 28sep'17
    Figurki (Figures), designed by Mieczysław Naruszewicz, 1957, illustration by Agata Dudek, photo: press materials

    The ABCs of Polish Design Go To Budapest

    One hundred years – one hundred Polish designs. The ABCs of Polish Design exhibition at the Budapest Design Week will present some of the most important Polish designs of the past century from 28th September to 12th November 2017. More DESIGN & INNOVATION

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