In the area of theatre, the Institute seeks to spread knowledge about Poland’s contemporary performing arts scene among a broad international audience, and to interest foreign artists and directors in contemporary Polish drama. The Institute contributes to the development of Polish playwriting, theatre and dance by supporting visits by artistic ensembles to the world’s most important festivals and the development of young artists through residency programmes and the organisation of study visits to theatre festivals in Poland by theatre directors and festival curators.

To achieve these goals, the Adam Mickiewicz Institute has worked for years with partners from around the world, including St. Ann’s Warehouse in New York, ImpulsTanz Vienna, danceWEB, the SPACE network, Festival d’Avignon, Festival Paris d’Automne, Edinburgh Theatre Festival, American Realness Festival, Under the Radar Festival, Lithuanian Theatre Agency, Southbank London, Young Vic Theatre, The Yard Theatre, Chantiers d’Europe Festival, ONDA Paris and the Art and Theatre Institute in Prague.

Numerous theatre projects have been carried out in past years, including the Polish Theatre Festival in Moscow; the publication of (A)pollonia, an English-language anthology of the latest Polish drama; collaboration with the New York Theatre Workshop on a festival of new Polish playwriting; the premiere of Krzysztof Warlikowski’s The French at the Ruhrtriennale; and the Warsaw-Los Angeles Digital Play Festival. Numerous presentations of Polish theatre have been staged abroad, including Wojtek Ziemilski’s Pygmalion at the Bazaar Festival in Prague, Karl Höcker’s Album at the Chantiers d’Europe and Michał Borczuch’s Apocalypse at Theaterfestival Basel and the TEMPO_FESTIVAL in Rio de Janeiro. The Institute also supported a Krystian Lupa retrospective at the Festival d’Automne in Paris, preparing on this occasion a presentation of young talents as part of the Fatherkillers conference in Galerie Hus.

Key events in 2017 will include a presentation of Krystian Lupa shows in North America; a presentation of Polish productions in the UK and France; preparation of the Generation After Showcase in Warsaw; as well as work on a new anthology of stage texts from Central Europe.
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  • 17Oct'16 - 23Oct'16
    Photo from a rehearsal of The Apocalypse directed by Michał Borczuch, 2014, photo: Magda Hueckel / Nowy Teatr in Warsaw

    Polish Scene Focus in Rio de Janeiro

    Polish Scene Focus will be one of the highlights of the 7th edition of the Tempo Festival – the International Festival of the Performing Arts in Rio de Janeiro. The festival will feature three Polish performances, as well as debates and lectures on Polish theatre. More #performing arts

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