In the area of theatre, the Institute seeks to spread knowledge about Poland’s contemporary performing art scene among a broad international audience, and to attract foreign artists, directors and critics to contemporary Polish drama. The Institute contributes to the development of Polish playwriting, theatre and dance by supporting performances of artistic ensembles at the world’s most important festivals. We support the individual development of young artists through multidisciplinary residency programmes and internships at leading theatre institutions. We support the young generation through intergenerational mentor programmes and initiate international projects of experimental dance, performative art and new technologies.

We collaborate with organisers of Polish theatre and dance showcases, including the Divine Comedy Festival in Kraków and the Generation After Showcase in Warsaw. We promote Polish culture by organising study visits for theatre directors and festival curators.

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  • Widzowie przez premierą spektaklu

    2016 Polish Theatre Season in China

    In 2016 a Polish theatre season co-organised by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute’s Asia Programme was held in China. During seven months from April to November, 7 performances from Poland were presented to over 19,000 viewers. More #asia
  • 26Oct'19 - 28Oct'19

    ‘The Fairy Queen’ Shown at Wuzhen Theatre Festival

    For the fourth time, the audience of the Wuzhen Theatre Festival will have the opportunity to see a production from Poland. On 26th-28th October, the show ‘The Fairy Queen’ directed by Michał Znaniecki will be presented at the festival. More #asia
  • 21Jul'19 - 28Jul'19

    Focus on Poland at Theatre Festival for Young Audiences in Okinawa

    Four theatre companies and six performances will represent Poland at the ricca ricca *festa, also known as the International Theater Festival Okinawa for Young Audiences. The Polish focus at the festival will be part of the celebrations of the centenary of establishing diplomatic relations between Poland and Japan. More #asia
  • 27Jun'19 - 08Jul'19

    Wyspiański & Kochanowski at Shakespeare’s Globe in London

    London's Shakespeare’s Globe has begun a multi-year collaboration with the Adam Mickiewicz Institute with two projects: the inauguration of the Year of Stanislaw Wyspiański and a Read Not Dead reading of 'Dismissal of the Grecian Envoys' by Jan Kochanowski. More #performing arts
  • 21May'19 - 25May'19

    Polish-Japanese Forefathers’ Eve in Tokyo and Kyoto

    This May, the Japanese audience will have an opportunity to watch an extraordinary musical performance: Polish and Japanese actors will perform together on the stage of Tokyo’s Theatre X-Cai and in two temples in Tokyo and Kyoto to present the show ‘Polish-Japanese Dziady / Soreisai 祖 霊 際’. More #asia

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