Capturing Freedom

The Adam Mickiewicz Institute/ and the Transatlantyk Festival have announced the 2nd edition of the International Short Film Contest to take place under the theme of Capturing Freedom: Creating the Future. Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Poland’s regaining independence which falls this year, the organizers encourage young filmmakers to express their views on the issue of FREEDOM.

FREEDOM can be understood not only through the prism of community, society, or nation but also from a personal standpoint as the right to communicate one’s own culture and values to others. Freedom may be seen as a bridge established between tradition, present day and the future, or a road to creating and pursuing dreams. Film school students or graduates from any country worldwide aged up to 35 may submit their films of up to 10 minutes by 5 June 2018. The authors of the best short films will be invited to Poland for the awarding ceremony taking place during the Transatlantyk Festival.

The participants to the Capturing Freedom: Creating the Future  contest are invited to share what FREEDOM means to them. Similarly to many European countries, the year 2018 is an exceptional one in Poland. It was exactly 100 years ago that Poland reappeared on the map of Europe following a long period of disappearance.

The organizers focus special attention on two aspects: the possibility to present one’s culture and to create common future by means of both sharing and listening to personal experiences. Social and national communication is of utmost importance. A nation not able to share stories about their culture is never truly free. Just as individuals who are refused the right to communicate their own experiences and emotions become slaves.

The organizers would like to invite filmmakers to make films about freedom and communicating freedom, to share stories of people who present their culture openly, show interest in stories of others, and are open to dialogue. The history of one’s own country, neighbourhood, local community, or personal experiences may serve as a source of inspiration. Freedom and dialogue established between two or more people may lead to the development of the whole societies or countries in the future.

Attention! Due to the large number of applications submitted, the deadline for submission has been extended until 5 June 2018.The winners will be chosen by the Jury comprising:

  • Wojciech Staroń – Director, Cinematographer
  • Jacek Wasilewski – Media Expert, Social Communications Specialist
  • Joanna Łapińska – Program Director of the Transatlantyk Festival
  • Grzegorz Skorupski – Film Expert at Adam Mickiewicz Institute.

The authors of three best short films chosen by the Jury will be awarded a GoPro camera at the Transatlantyk Festival taking place between 13 and 20 July 2018. The fourth winner will be selected in online voting. The laureates will be invited to Poland to present their films as guests of the Festival.