Classical Music

Since the founding of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, classical music has been one of the most important areas of its cultural activities. The objective of the Institute’s music projects is to increase the presence of Polish music in the repertoire of international professional musicians, both Polish and foreign. For this purpose, the Institute pursues collaboration with international musical institutes and festivals, and supports the international presence of Polish institutions and performers.

The Institute’s activities encompass both the newest music as well as the field that can be described as musical heritage, i.e. music and musical phenomena that belong to the past.

In its operations, the Institute works with Polish and foreign performers and partners, supports selected concerts and production of albums, and ensures the presence of Polish musicians at top-level international events. The Institute also supports young musicians through various residency programmes and makes it possible for them to work with renowned ensembles from around the world.

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Published at: 2016.05.17 17:46
Updated at: 2019.06.14 15:55
Author: Nitzan Reisner
Written by: Anna Mikołajczyk