Culture.Media is a programme led by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute which offers high-quality content on Polish culture and heritage. Apart from activities on our flagship website – – the programme is geared towards building up its content base through the implementation of new channels, including interactive multimedia guides, podcasts, video and other audiovisual media.

The Institute’s portal offers a daily information service covering key events related to Polish culture around the world: In addition to information on events organised in Poland and abroad, the portal features numerous artist profiles, reviews, essays, descriptive articles and information about cultural institutions. The site is available in three languages: Polish, English and Russian. In 2015 the portal won the Guarantee of Culture award in the category Culture on the Net. This year announced a new project: Stories From The Easter West. It is a new audio show that reveals hidden history from Central and Eastern Europe. Intertwining in-depth interviews, rich sound design and original music to build compelling narrative stories, the podcast is the start of a new chapter for

Culture.Media is actively supporting the activities of the long-term ‘Independence’ programme implemented by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage through the creation of dedicated content.

Culture.Media also carries out complementary web activities for projects undertaken by the institute, including subpages, advertising and marketing campaigns as well as social media communication projects.


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Lucyna Szura

Culture.Media Programme Manager

tel.: +48 22 44 76 112
Published at: 2014.02.18 12:16
Updated at: 2017.10.11 14:19
Author: Instytut Adama Mickiewicza
Written by: Dagmara Staga