North and South Programme

The North and South Programme encompasses the Adam Mickiewicz Institute’s projects  carried out in the Visegrad and neighbouring  countries, as well as in Scandinavia and the Baltic states.

Aneta Prasał-Wiśniewska

North and South Programme Manager

phone: +48 22 44 76 182


  • 8sep'17
    Slavs and Tatars, Friendship of Nations: Polish Shi’ite Showbiz, a piece from their exhibition at the 10th Biennale in Sharjah, photo: courtesy of the artists

    Mouth to Mouth: Slavs & Tatars at CAC Vilnius

    The mysterious artistic collective Slavs and Tatars present their works from the past ten years at the Contemporary Art Centre in Vilnius. The Mouth to Mouth exhibition will include installations, videos and performances by the group, and will be their first such comprehensive solo exhibition in the Baltic region. More Photography & Visual Arts
  • 2sep'17
    Kacper Kowalski, photo: Piotr 'iczek' Biegaj

    Kacper Kowalski’s Solo Exhibition at the Landskrona Foto Festival

    Kacper Kowalski will present his new series of winter photographs at a solo exhibition during the Landskrona Foto Festival. The Polish photographer won the festival's portfolio review in 2016. More Photography
  • 4sep'17
    Przykładowa realizacja w 2.5D, fot. materiały prasowe organizatora

    Polish Architecture in 2.5D at Helsinki Design Week

    The Young Polish Design 2.5D in Helsinki will present 16 unique, innovative and intriguing architectural designs from Poland. Each building illustrates different issues and challenges which young Polish architects face today – each model tells its own story. More Architecture
  • 1sep'17
    Mikołaj Nowacki, Odra, photo: KAUNAS PHOTO promotional materials

    Polish Artists at the Lithuanian KAUNAS PHOTO Festival

    KAUNAS PHOTO takes place every September and is the oldest photography festival in the Baltic states. This year’s festival will feature photos from talented Polish photographers including Dorota Dawidowicz, Filip Ćwik, Kacper Kowalski and Krzysztof Racoń. More Photography
  • 24aug'17
    The Travellers exhibition poster, photo: Zachęta

    The Travellers Exhibition Comes to Estonia's KUMU

    The thought-provoking and critically-acclaimed exhibition The Travellers has made its next port of call the award-winning KUMU Art Museum in Tallinn from 24th August 2017 to 7th January 2018. The travelling exhibition (could it be any other way?) looks at travel in a region where freedom to travel was, until recently, a luxury available only to the very few. More Photography & Visual Arts

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