Open Poland Programme

The OPEN POLAND (OP) Programme was launched in 2018 as a continuation and development of the Eastern Partnership Programme. Its objective is to build long-term relationships with artists, academics and public opinion leaders in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, in order to create a platform for cultural exchange through projects in the fields of theatre, film, visual arts, new media, cultural management and contemporary music. The Programme’s longstanding results include:


  • developing projects such as exhibitions, performances, concerts, festivals, and conferences together with partners from the aforementioned countries,
  • engaging art and culture professionals ,
  • exchanging ideas and experiences.


Projects carried out as part of the OPEN POLAND Programme involve widespread cooperation with representatives of leading national cultural institutions, independent curators, social activists, artists, the NGO sector and independent art circles.


Here are some of OPEN POLAND multi-annual projects:

  • POLISH PLAYS – a project that popularises contemporary Polish drama through publishing anthologies of contemporary Polish plays in the national languages of the partner countries as well as diverse theatrical activities such as drama workshops, joint theatrical productions, radio dramas, exhibitions.
  • WATCH Out! Polish Filmmakers – a project that combines presenting Polish films at major film festivals in the countries included in the OPEN POLAND Programme with networking platform for the film industry professionals.
  • OPEN POLAND Laboratory is a place for developing and completing new projects initiated by Polish or foreign partners, artists and curators. The purpose of this programme is to support interesting initiatives and engage new artists and curators in future projects. 
  • WHAT NEXT– a Polish-Ukrainian-British photography project, focusing on the future of mankind in a dynamically changing reality of the world with rapid technological development. This project will be implemented in 2021-2022 in relation to 100th Anniversary of writer Stanislaw Lem’s birth.
  • Partners in Culture Online Guide – source of information about educational programmes and sources of funding for cultural and social projects. The guide was created for the partners of the Programme and managers from the Eastern Partnership countries, who are looking for ways to develop and support their projects financially. The guide is available in 4 languages: Polish, English, Ukrainian, Russian. Click here to download.


OPEN POLAND 2019 projects included:


  • Polish-Ukrainian Adaptive Reuse Forum Conference concerning revitalisation of postindustrial space, organised together with the Kharkiv School of Architecture, IZOLYATSIA Foundation and the Ukrainian Culture Foundation;
  • Digital Cultures Lviv - a conference about digital archives organized at the Center for Urban History of East Central Europe as well as presentation of Polish digital culture at the TETRAMATYKA multimedia festival in Lviv;
  • Polish programme at the international Golden Apricot Festival in Yerevan;
  • exhibitions of Weronika Gęsicka’s works at photography festivals in Odessa, Kiev and Tbilisi as well as Magda Hueckel’s works at the Royal District Theatre in Tbilisi;
  • study visits of guests from partner countries to Polish festivals and other regular events.



Published at: 2016.08.23 13:43
Updated at: 2020.04.22 15:31
Author: Karolina Babij
Written by: Marta Dymek