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Creative Europe is the European Union programme envisaged for the years 2014–2020, offering financial support to transnational European activities within cultural, audiovisual and creative sectors. The programme builds on success of the previous Culture and MEDIA programmes and the experience drawn from their implementation. It marks greater support for European culture, cinema, television, music, literature, performing arts, cultural heritage and other related fields.

The programme consists of 3 components: Culture sub-programme - supporting cultural and creative activities, MEDIA sub-programme - supporting audiovisual activities, Cross-sector stand - supporting activities associated with the European Capital of Culture, cultural events organised during the period of EU Council presidency, awards handed out by the European Union, and the Cultural and Creative Sectors Guarantee Facility.

With its budget of 1.46 billion EUR allocated for the period of 7 years, the programme will stimulate growth of the audiovisual, cultural and creative sectors by financially supporting:

  • 250 000 artists and professionals, enabling them to reach new audiences, also beyond their own countries;
  • distribution of over 800 European films, which will be able to attract new, international audiences,
  • functioning of over 2000 European cinemas that will have an opportunity to engage in international cooperation and broaden their programming by showing most compelling European films,
  • publishing and translation of over 4500 books and other literary works, offering their authors an opportunity to enter new publishing markets, and their readers to acquaint themselves with most interesting and valuable European works.


  • promotion of European cultural diversity and heritage,
  • strategic building of European audience,
  • improving competitiveness of the sectors at international level,
  • increasing availability of audiovisual works.


Culture sub-programme is a part of the Creative Europe programme dedicated to the public and private institutions, organisations and other entities actively working within the cultural and creative sectors.

Culture sub-programme objectives:

  • promotion of European culture and art,
  • increasing mobility of artists and European works,
  • promoting cultural cooperation at a transnational level,
  • European audience development,
  • adapting cultural and creative sectors to digital technology and implementing innovation,
  • providing training for professionals.

Areas supported by the Culture sub-programme:

The abovementioned objectives can be achieved through international cultural and creative activities within a given grant scheme:

  • European cooperation projects
  • Literary translations
  • European platforms
  • European networks

The above areas differ in terms of guidelines, priorities and criteria that have to be fulfilled in order for the project to be eligible for financial support.


MEDIA sub-programme, a part of the Creative Europe programme, is targeted at:

  • film and video game producers,
  • distributors,
  • sales agents,
  • training providers, organisers of film festivals, industry events, activities meant to build and develop audiences of European films, and projects of cooperation between educational initiatives;
  • creators of internet platforms dedicated to audiovisual industry professionals, and cinemas promoting European films.

MEDIA sub-programme objectives:

  • support and promotion of European audiovisual culture
  • increasing circulation of European works
  • professionalization of audiovisual sector
  • assistance in facing challenges posed by digital revolution and globalisation

Areas supported by the MEDIA sub-programme:

  • Training opportunities for audiovisual industry professionals
  • Development (single projects, slate funding, video games)
  • TV Programming
  • Co-production funds
  • Access to markets
  • Support for distributors and sales agents
  • Film education
  • Cinema networks


Creative Europe Desk Poland is the office representing the Creative Europe programme in Poland. Our key tasks are:

  • promotion of the programme and opportunities of financial support for creative and cultural activities;
  • increasing visibility of the projects that have received financial support within the framework of the programme.

As Creative Europe Desk Poland representatives we do not limit our activities to supplying information. We are keen to ensure that as many as possible of Polish institutions and organisations make use of the funding offered by the Creative Europe programme. That is why we are trying to provide assistance to applicants at every stage of the application process, starting with a concept of the project, all the way to successful submission of the application.

Initiatives that we are undertaking in order to help applicants in their efforts to win the support include:

  • assistance in searching for international partners for cultural projects,
  • offering free consultations regarding the content and formal aspects of project design,
  • organisation of workshops enabling development of competencies regarding preparation and implementation of international projects,
  • training sessions, seminars, conferences and information meetings.

Please, feel free to contact us or pay us a visit in our office. We will do our utmost to provide essential assistance and support.

"Creative Europe" and "Europe for Citizens" are programmes created by European Commission  and managed by Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency in Brussels.

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Małgorzata Kiełkiewicz-Żak

Head of the European Union Programs Department

phone: +48 22 44 76 180

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