Creative Europe

Creative Europe is a 2014-2020 European Union programme offering financial support to cultural, audiovisual and creative projects based on European cooperation. The programme draws on the success and experience gained from the implementation of the Culture and MEDIA programmes. It offers greater growth and opportunities for European culture, cinema, television, music, literature, performing arts, cultural heritage and related fields.

The objectives of the programme:

  • promoting European cultural diversity and heritage,
  • implementing strategies for European audience development,
  • increasing sectoral competitiveness at international level.

The components of the programme:

  • Culture sub-programme supporting cultural activities,
  • Media sub-programme supporting audiovisual activities,
  • Cross-sector strand supporting cultural activities carried out within the framework of the European Capital of Culture, Presidency of the EU Council, European Union Prizes and the Cultural and Creative Sector Guarantee Facility.

With a budget of € 1.46 billion over 7 years, the programme aims to support financially:

  • 250,000 artists and professionals, enabling them to reach new international audiences,
  • international distribution of more than 800 European films,
  • the work of more than 2,000 European cinemas, enabling the possibility of international co-operation or broadening the repertoire with the most interesting European titles,
  • publish and translate more than 4,500 books and other literary works, giving authors a chance to appear in new publishing markets and readers to learn about the most valuable European works.

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Creative Europe

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Published at: 2014.02.19 13:58
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