Don't Panic! We're from Poland Programme

The Don’t Panic! We’re from Poland programme, initiated by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute in 2008, is a brand recognised around the world as a synonym for fresh, promising music from Poland. The programme comprehensively promotes contemporary Polish music abroad, through the participation of Polish artists and music-industry professionals in music events such as showcase festivals, conferences and trade fairs, as well as networking events.

The role of Don’t Panic! We’re from Poland is to supply tools allowing artists to consistently build their position on foreign markets. Thus far it has presented more than 300 selected performers at more than 500 events in 21 countries. After a few years of establishing a presence at the world’s most important showcase festivals and the presentation of the best of the Polish music scene, the time has come to broaden our educational activities and build relationships with neighbouring countries.

In the face of the dynamically developing number and quality of new talents from Poland, one of the key functions of the Programme is also the integration of the domestic music sector around ideas and tasks related to the export of Polish music. From this point of view, equally important to the presentation of the musicians themselves are activities supporting the creation of a friendly atmosphere for networking. Don’t Panic! We’re from Poland co-organises discussion panels, workshops, lectures and conference events in the country dedicated to the operations of the music business around the world, targeting music managers, promoters and publishers. The priority of the Programme is developing the ranks of young music managers. Additionally, Don’t Panic! We’re from Poland regularly represents Poland at the most important global music fairs, such as jazzahead! and WOMEX.

Over the years, the programme has been present at showcase festivals including Eurosonic in the Netherlands, MENT in Slovenia, the Tallinn Music Week in Estonia, Spring Break in Poland, Primavera Sound in Spain, the Reeperbahn Festival in Germany, Zandari Festa in South Korea and Budapest Showcase Hub in Hungary.

More information: dontpanicwerefrompoland

Karolina Małaczek

Karolina Małaczek

Menedżer Megaprojektu Polski Jazz

tel: 22 44 76 195


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    Polish Bands at Eurosonic 2020

    This year’s edition of the biggest European music showcase festival Eurosonic Nooderslag in Groningen will host three Polish bands: EABS, Perfect Son, and Horsy. More: Polish Bands at Eurosonic 2020 #Don't Panic! We're from Poland
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    Poland at the 25th Anniversary Edition of WOMEX in Finland

    On October 23-27, 2019, a group of ten representatives of the Polish music industry from the "world music" and traditional music genre will participate in the prestigious WOMEX World Music Expo. More: Poland at the 25th Anniversary Edition of WOMEX in Finland #music
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Author: Nitzan Reisner
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