Europe for Citizens

Europe for Citizens is an EU grant programme supporting non-governmental organisations and municipalites, and other non-profit organisations/institutions active in the field of civil society, culture and education, in the implementation of civil society projects, local initiatves on social engagement, democratic participation and European remembrance.

Aims of the Programme:

  • to contribute to citizens' understanding of the EU, its history and diversity
  • to foster European citizenship and to improve conditions for civic and democratic participation at EU level
  • to raise awareness of remembrance, common history and values
  • to encourage democratic participation of citizens at EU level, by developing citizens' understanding of the EU policy making-process and, by promoting opportunities for societal and intercultural engagement and volunteering at EU level.

Projects can be funded under two programme Strands: European Remembrance and Democratic Engagement and Civic Participation.

European Remembrance Strand supports projects on common European history, reflecting on the origins of totalitarian regimes and commemorating its victims; activities promoting openness, tolerance and social inclusion, building and developing civil society, reflecting on the role of civil society in democracy.

Democratic Engagement and Civic Participation Strand supports projects aimed to encourage citizens’ engagement in shaping EU policy in areas related to the programme priorities. Projects may relate to citizens’ impact on policy at local, regional and European level; analysis of the situation in Europe and the future of the European Union; strengthening civic participation and dialogue.

Iwona Oleszczuk

Specjalista do spraw merytorycznych w PK EDO, Wydział Programów Europejskich

+48 22 44 76 116

Marta Modzelewska

Asystentka do spraw merytorycznych w PK EDO, Wydział Programów Europejskich

+48 22 44 76 174
Published at: 2017.02.16 12:28
Updated at: 2019.01.04 12:10
Author: Karolina Babij
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