Polska 100 Programme

The year 2018 will mark the centenary of Poland’s independence. It is a special moment for Polish culture, which, despite a difficult history, remained free and creative.

The Adam Mickiewicz Institute will launch a new long-term programme POLSKA 100, financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland as part of the multi-annual programme NIEPODLEGŁA 2017-2021. It will be an international cultural programme accompanying the centenary of Poland regaining independence. Its goal is to promote Polish culture and cultural exchange between artists, creators and institutions worldwide.

The POLSKA 100 programme will showcase the most important phenomena of the last century of Polish culture, shedding light on ever-inspiring projects and works. The programme is comprised of six areas: music, design, visual arts, film, theatre, and new technologies. It is the first time the Adam Mickiewicz Institute will be using new technologies as a means of international communication on such a large scale.

The POLSKA 100 programme will feature over 400 projects realised during a four-year period. Each of them will promote the avant-garde postulate of the freedom of art: it is freedom that translates into innovative approaches, defiance, the unfettered power of imagination, and the audacity to experiment.

The events are set to take place both in Central and Eastern Europe (including the Visegrad Group members, Romania and the Baltic countries), in France, Germany and the United Kingdom, as well as in North America and Asia (China, Japan and Korea).

POLSKA 100 Programme structure

Music of Freedom (classical music)

  • From Paderewski to the Avant-garde
  • Polish Radio Experimental Studio link opens page in new window
  • Heroines of Sound
  • Map of Polish Composers

Polish Jazz (contemporary music)

  • Polish jazz will be featured during the Jazzahead! trade fair and at key jazz festivals worldwide
  • Network of Polish Jazz Festivals – International Jazz Exchange

New reality builders (visual arts)

  • The Avant-Garde: From the Interwar Period to Modern Day
  • Polish Photography: Between an Experiment and Documentarian Tendencies
  • Contemporary Art : A Dialogue
  • Polish Art at the Turn of the 20th Century: In Search of a National Style

Last Century in Polish Design: An Overview (design)

  • History of Polish Design
  • Design in the Context of Central and Eastern Europe

A Brand New Vision of Theatre (theatre)

  • Towards a New Theatre
  • Romantic Legacy in the Context of the Great Reform
  • Choreography Land:  New Paths for the Avant-garde
  • The Heart of a Factory
  • Translation and Cultural Transcription of Polish Avant-garde Art
  • Showcase of Central European Theatres
  • The New Generation’s Response to the Masters
  • Can Paderewski be the Hero of a Musical? (a musical about the composer)


  • Icons of the Interwar Period: A Series of Animated Films
  • Sounds Polish
  • Jack Strong (a full-length feature film, a joint production with Paramount Pictures)
  • Masters of Polish Cinema

New Technologies

  • N18 Guide on Culture.pl: Where is Poland? A Foreigner’s Guide to Polish Culture under the Partitions
  • Poles in the World’s Culture
  • Roderick Coover, Webdoc
  • VR apps

Ewa Bogusz-Moore

Deputy director

phone: +48 22 44 76 115

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