Cykl warsztatów online organizowanych przez ARS Baltica, PA Culture i CCI Contact Desk

Trzecie warsztaty online odbędą się 30 listopada w godzinach 14:00-16:00. Podjęty zostanie na nich następujący temat: "Znane i nieznane: Źródła finansowania projektów i współpracy kulturalnej"

Warsztaty odbędą się w języku angielskim.

Description of the workshop:

Implementing great ideas with good partnerships requires resources. Various programmes are available to support cultural and creative initiatives, be it for cooperation projects or individual approaches. Our workshop provides you with insights into funding programmes some of which you might not know (yet) and ways how to identify a programme that fits your ideas. Together we will share experiences about good practices as well as unsuccessful experiences. Finally, you will learn about some essentials for project developments and accessing funding programmes.

Our expert:

Where other people are scared of funding requirements, developing project work plans and budget planning, Lars Schieber is fascinated with all these things relevant for eligible projects. He likes to enable partnerships to turn their ideas into approved project applications.

Being a project manager at REM Consult, based in Hamburg, he is supporting mainly EU funded projects of very diverse topics – ranging from innovation to circular economy. He conceptualises and writes applications with project partnerships as well as supports in the project management and financial management of approved projects. Beyond having supported projects and applications for more than ten years in more than a dozen regional, national and European funding programmes, he moderates events, develops and teaches at university.

If you are interested in attending, please register using the link provided: